LRHS orchestra wows at MPAs


Isabella Estrada– Mustangs Ahead

November orchestra concert
LRHS orchestra enjoyed weekend success.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Over the weekend, the LRHS Orchestra competed for the Florida Orchestra Association District 11 Solo and Ensemble Music Performance Assessment (MPA).

The performances took place at Braden River High School and consisted of 32 students with six solo performances and 10 chamber ensembles.

Orchestra director Daniel Shafer is very proud of his students and hopes to continue their success at state competiton.

All students received great feedback and qualified to go to the state MPAs later this year. The following students were awarded titles at the District MPA –

  • Jonah Grayam – Superior Cello Solo; Excellent String Trio
  • Larryn Betts – Superior with Distinction Violin Solo; Excellent String Trio
  • Mikayla Stokes – Superior Violin Solo; Excellent String Trio
  • JJ Hughes – Excellent Cello Solo
  • Adrienne Brady – Superior String Duet (Violin)
  • Selina Walker – Superior Mixed String Duet; Superior Viola Solo
  • Ariel Schreiber – Superior Cello Duet; Excellent String Quartet; Comments Only String Trio
  • Melody Betts – Superior Cello Duet
  • Lauren Robotham – Superior Mixed String Ensemble (Violin)
  • Peyton Nestleroad – Superior Mixed String Ensemble (Violin)
  • Sasha Krill – Superior Mixed String Ensemble (Viola)
  • Jerome De La Rosa – Superior Mixed String Ensemble (Violin)
  • Emma Barnes – Superior Mixed String Ensemble; Excellent Viola Solo
  • Suzy Aguirre – Superior Mixed String Ensemble (Violin)
  • Lerrui Casarrubias – Superior Mixed String Ensemble (Violin)
  • Eileen Codd – Superior Mixed String Ensemble; Excellent String Trio (Cello)
  • John Lynch – Superior Mixed String Ensemble (Violin)
  • Natalie Mounty – Superior Mixed String Ensemble (Violin)
  • Andrew Shelton – Superior Mixed String Ensemble (Bass)
  • Samanatha Greenfield – Excellent String Quartet (Violin)
  • Kaitlyn Kapalka – Excellent String Quartet (Violin)
  • Camden Caudill – Excellent String Quartet (Viola)
  • Madison Curtis – Excellent String Trio (Violin)
  • Sara Genter – Excellent String Trio (Violin)
  • Brianna Noon – Excellent Violin Duet
  • Alayna Tabor – Excellent Violin Duet
  • Lily Potter – Superior Mixed String Duet (Violin)
  • Michael Webb – Superior Mixed String Duet (Guitar)
  • Lucy Crank – Comments Only Mixed String Duet (Viola)
  • Angelina Ortiz – Comments Only Mixed String Duet (Cello)
  • Jessica Kobetitsch – Comments Only String Trio (Violin)
  • Lily Kehres – Comments Only String Trio (Viola)

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