This is the third in a series of stories covering the options facing members of the Class of 2020 who want to further their educations after LRHS.

Julia Hatton – Mustangs Ahead

Seniors(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – People often say college is too expensive. You also hear a lot of college students complaining about student loans. But the truth is, experts say the experience of going off to college is worth it.

Ella Brousard is a freshman at Florida State University (FSU).  She attended LRHS before going to college.

Brousard said, “Although the tuition is $8,000 a year, it’s so worth it! I get to travel the world, make new friends, and learn what it’s like to live far away from my parents.”

Attending a university teaches students how to live on your their and take care of themselves without relying on parents.

Rachel Weronik, also a freshman at FSU said, “Here, we have sororities and dorms to experience living on our own. And we can study abroad! All those things make college and the expenses well worth it.”

A university can make you an expert at a specific career path and gives you time to gain work experience. Also, graduates from a university earn more.

A university can be very expensive ranging from up to $8000 a year in state and $24,000 a year out of state.

According to US News and World Report the financial benefits are considerable, too.

“For most students, experts say it remains financially worth it to go to college, despite rising tuition and opportunity costs in relation to increasing wages for workers holding only a high school diploma,” according to US News.

“The average college graduate earns a salary that is over $30,000 more than an average worker with only a high school diploma, according new research by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.”

Moreover, the life experience at a university and the way a university prepares students for the future is worth it all.

CareerAddict offers insightful tips for adults,  “A university helps you gain transferrable skill, you will increase your earning potential, and you can access more specialist jobs.”

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