Ranch Reflections are articles written by LRHS students and staff who want to share their experiences, thoughts, and concerns. This is a great opportunity for Mustangs to branch out beyond traditional news stories.  This edition features the challenges a freshman faces after taking a trip late in the school year.

LRHS freshman Maya Omachel catches up on classwork

Maya Omachel– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)-Two weeks away from school in the middle of the fourth quarter is both a blessing and a curse.

Earlier this year I got to go to Bali, spend time with my family, explore a beautiful environment, and take a much-needed break from school. However, returning to “F”’s, missing so much work, and missing out on time with my friends was a lot to give up.

Bali had spectacular mountain scenery, beautiful tropical beaches, and the friendliest people, which made it one of the most amazing places I have ever been. The only problem was that I did not have internet.

As a result, I could not complete my schoolwork. Before I knew it, I was so far behind in all my classes that it seemed impossible to catch up. I was failing every class, and I did not understand the lessons we were learning.

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Not only was I behind on assignments, but I had so many quizzes and tests I had to make up. Most of my teachers were amazing at rescheduling and very understanding by letting me learn the lessons on my own before taking the tests. Even with my own studying, it isn’t the same as being taught the classes. So, all my test scores came out low compared to the rest of the year.

I also returned to ongoing drama, issues, and problems within my friend group. Being on vacation for two weeks seems like a brief time, but a lot can happen in those weeks. Trying to figure out what happened adds stress to my already stressed-out self.

Overall, the trip was fantastic. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I am so grateful I was given that opportunity. But the aftermath of my trip was not as easy as I expected.

I have had no free time for weeks. I spend my weekends working to get my grades up, and I must spend the last few weeks of school cramming in makeup work. This is while all my friends enjoy the end of the school year.