LRHS physics teacher Dan Goodman passed away this month

 Ethan Kranert – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The LRHS Student Government Association (SGA) is raising funds for the widow of a late faculty member, Dan Goodman.

Goodman, a physics teacher, died of a heart attack last week.

The SGA is raising funds for Goodman’s widow, Janice.

LRHS Principal Dustin Dahlquist said “Mr. Goodman was one of a kind.  He had so many varied experiences throughout his life.  Mr. Goodman was a truly a rocket scientist!  His stories on the beginning of NASA and the development of the Apollo program were fascinating.  Mr. Goodman will be missed by our students, faculty, and staff.”

Goodman was 81 and worked for 21 years at NASA as a rocket scientist at both Kennedy and Johnson space centers. He started working at LRHS in 2019.

Janice Goodman, 78, suffered a heart attack herself in January and has mobility issues.

Janice said that “The parents of his physics students have always been so wonderful in the past.  There have been gifts and cards at holidays and the end of the year, and they are always so appreciated.

“It’s hard, but I have to go on with life myself,” Goodman continued.

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At lunch Friday, SGA members asked Mustangs for cash donations.

Anyone who would like to donate can do so here. The fundraiser ends at noon May 24.

All proceeds of the fundraiser will go directly to Goodman’s family.

The StellarXplolers, Goodman’s science-based club, are unsure about who will be the club’s adviser next year, but member Gianna Davis, junior, said, “There will five returning members staying in the club, but we have no idea who’s running it next year. If no one steps up, we are going to try to do it ourselves.” Junior Kaylie Adams said “I had Goodman as a teacher for Physics Honors. I enjoyed his class, especially because you could see how passionate he was to teach us all he knew. Goodman would also sometimes tell us about his experiences with NASA, which was pretty cool. It was sad to hear he was gone.”