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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The NBA is one of the most popular sports in America, and LRHS Mustangs are big fans. 

The first round of the NBA playoffs is over, and the second round is underway. Mustangs reacted to the news of their favorite team’s seasons continuing or ending.  

The 1 seeded Milwaukee Bucks played against the 8 seeded Miami Heat. The series ended in a 4-1 series win for the underdog Heat.  

Sophomore Luis Flores said he was “extremely excited and thought that (Heat star) Jimmy Butler was amazing in the series.” This is the fourth time in NBA history that a one seed lost in the first round. 

The Knicks upset the fourth-seeded Cleveland Cavaliers and took the series in five games. Sophomore John Emposimato said, “The Knicks played really well, and they exploited the Cavaliers’ weakness, their offense.” The Knicks are now up against the Heat. 

The 2 seed Boston Celtics made it out alive against the 7 seeded Atlanta Hawks. The Celtics won the series 4-2.  

Sophomore Garrett Allain said he was “happy the Celtics won but expected them to play better.” The Celtics face the Philadelphia 76ers in the second round.  

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The 3 seeded 76ers swept the Brooklyn Nets. Freshman Chase Skarbek said, “We got the result we wanted but the efficiency wasn’t there and when they play a better team, they will struggle.”  

In the Western Conference the Denver Nuggets had the 1 seed and unlike the Bucks they dominated the 8 seeded Minnesota Timberwolves.  

The Nuggets won easily in 5 games. Sophomore Nick Drizos said, “It was an easy series, and they were the better team.”  

The Phoenix Suns won their series in five games against the Los Angeles Clippers. Junior Joe Carpenter said, “The series should have been a sweep, but we still played well for the most part.” The Suns will play against the Nuggets in the second round.  

The Memphis Grizzlies’ gift for being the number 2 seed was an early first round exit at the hands of LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Junior Josh Guilamo said, “It was a huge upset, but I knew that the big players would come through.”   

The Sacramento Kings also fell victim to a lower seed, being kicked out of the playoffs by Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. 

Sophomore Kadren Henry said, “Although the Warriors were the underdog, they have won four championships in the Head Coach Steve Kerr era, and they played a Kings team that hasn’t made the playoffs since the 2005-2006 season.” The Warriors will play the Lakers in the second round.