LRHS senior Alexandra Devine is a devoted hockey fan.  The enthusiasm of this Florida girl for a “northern” sport has led her to learn extensively about its ins and outs.  She feels fans can learn much about the nature of sports, competition and entertainment from her research and insights. She hopes to eventually get a job in the business side of hockey.

Alexandra follows other sports, too, though, and here writes about how a local football coach has made his family, especially his sister, proud.

Alexandra Devine – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – When coaches are hired for National College Athletic Association (NCAA) football and National Football League (NFL) teams, their families are just as excited for them.

Rich Bisaccia, currently a special teams coordinator with the Green Bay Packers, has experienced an impressive football career, including a Super Bowl win.

Rich Bisaccia’s local family is thrilled by his success

Bisaccia’s sister, Marisa, has always loved football. Her interest in football only grew watching her brother’s career evolve and grow.

“My dad was a huge football fan and our house stopped on Sundays to watch football. I became more of a fan as I got older,” she said.

The family has gone to several college and NFL football games to support and watch him.

Bisaccia’s success in football made his family proud, especially Marisa.

Marisa praises her brother for not only being an outstanding coach, but a caring person.

“This has always been what he’s wanted to do and his love for the game goes as far as playing and then coaching pop-Warner football. He is successful as a coach because he truly cares about his players. He wants and expects them to succeed in both football and in life. Iff the Colts are smart, they will hire him, and I will be happy to add a new shirt to my collection.”

Jeff Bisaccia played high school football at New Fairfield High School in Connecticut. He started as a defensive back for all four years of playing college football at Yankton College in South Dakota.

Bisaccia started his college football coaching career with Wayne State College in Nebraska from 1983 to 1987.

Following Wayne State, Bisaccia was a coach at the University of South Carolina, Clemson University, and the University of Mississippi. He also spent some time at Auburn University.

In the NFL, Bisaccia began with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2002 and won the Super Bowl with head coach Jon Gruden.

Following the Buccaneers, he joined the San Diego Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, Las Vegas Raiders, and is now with the Green Bay Packers.

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Bisaccia was recently interviewed by the Indianapolis Colts for a head coaching position, and this has made his family even more proud of him.

“There are only 32 teams which means there are only 32 of these positions. Being a professional football coach is a huge accomplishment in my eyes and I have a nice collection of gear from many different NFL and college teams. It is a highlight for me to see him on any sideline coaching,” she continued.

“I’m not only a fan of the team he’s associated with, I’m a fan of him.”

This author has a connection with this talented and successful NFL coach and his family. My father grew up with Marisa, Rich, and their family in New Fairfield, Connecticut. My dad was coached in pop Warner football by Rich and my grandfather was best friends with Rich’s dad.

While Bisaccia was not hired by the Colts for a head coaching role, he seems set to remain with the Packers for the 2023 NFL season. On March 10, Bisaccia was promoted to assistant head coach and special teams coordinator.