Guests to “A Night With the Stars” enjoyed a variety of treats

Samantha Montano and Sydney Oostendorp – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Last Friday, Woodland Church held “A Night with The Stars,” an annual prom held for special needs residents of Florida of all ages.

There were over 600 members who attended this prom, many of whom are returning from previous years. This is the first event since before Covid-19 hit.

Volunteers from several schools, including LRHS, and organizations came together to help set up and organize this event.

There were multiple tasks and jobs for these volunteers. There were people who set up the dining room, handed out food, and made the guests feel invited. The event brough police academy students to provide church security and nurses in case of a medical emergency.

Then at some point in the night, all the volunteers came and danced with these guests.

In the dance room they were tasked with dancing with these guests to make their night even more special.

There were therapy dogs around the church to go and say hi to throughout the night. These dogs were a part of Comfort Canines for Christ.

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Senior Sara Cestero said, “It was such a new and amazing experience. I loved seeing them smile while dancing with them and I’m glad that I was able to volunteer and make their night memorable.”

senior Jessica Kobetitsch said, “I’m happy that I signed up. It was a great experience, and really fun getting to work with the guests as well as the other volunteers. I’m just happy I was able to play a role in their prom experience.”