Jennifer Shank– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS senior Mustangs reflect on their time in high school during the fourth quarter.

The class of 2023’s first year in high school was 2019. That was the year students were quarantined until some Mustangs chose to return to school the following fall.

It was the first time LRHS would practice contact tracing and social distancing.

Some seniors felt their experiences were disrupted during the pandemic.

Senior Lauren VanZandt said, “The end of my freshman year was easy, I liked being at home and nothing really got ruined for me because I was only a freshman. When we came back for sophomore year though, it was different than before, and there was a lot less kids at school.”

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Covid isn’t the only memory that seniors take away from their time at LRHS.

Senior Kate Tuchman said, “My favorite year in high school was my junior year because I got to take Anatomy and Physiology with Mrs. Smith-Williams which has been my favorite class I have taken. It was also the year I founded the club Girls in White Club.”

Senior Jordyn Patterson said, “After my four years here at LRHS, I am still surprised at how many students attend our school and how many of them are doing AP or high honor courses while also being a part of athletics and clubs.”

Senior Evelyn Sanchez said, “When I look back onto my freshman year self, I was a lot less organized, and the new schedule was an adjustment. Now that I’m a senior, I am way more organized than I was, and I take my grades a lot more seriously than before.”

Patterson continued, “I’m going to miss seeing the people I grew up with every day at school, but it’s exciting to think about seeing what everyone does in their future.”