Josie Plakyda- Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS art department held its annual Spring art showcase Thursday for Mustangs, parents and staff to view.

The showcase was held from 2:30-7 p.m. in the hallway of building 5A.

It featured students’ art from all Advanced Placement (AP) art classes including ceramics, 2-D art, and 3-D art as well as art from the regular art classes offered at LRHS like painting, fine arts, and photography.

Senior Tierney Thornhill had her photographs on showcase at the event. Her portfolio is based on the stereotypes of athletes and negative effects of letting your sport control your life.

Her pieces include “Food for Thought,” which shows a girl at lunch eating a salad, but instead of it sitting on a plate, the salad is on top of a digital scale. Additionally, plastered over the girls’ mouth is a nutrition facts label and in the calories section it says, “Too Many.”

Thornhill said, “I was nervous to show off my art, but it feels cool that a bunch of people could see it and I’m appreciative that it was complimented.”

The art at the show featured paintings, drawings and pottery that centered around nature, faces, animals, architecture, and more.

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Senior Lucas Isola said, “I really love art shows. It’s so cool to see how many talented artists Lakewood has.”

AP art classes require pre-requisites and recommendations from other teachers, so the featured art is of a high standard and impactful.

Senior Jorja Heine said, “I don’t think we realize how many hidden talents our fellow classmates have when they don’t talk about it so it’s awesome to see firsthand.”