Nadia Gandhi – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – While testing is not fun for many Mustangs, it plays an important role for students, teachers, and the school overall.

Different standardized tests allow administration to recognize how well students understand the educational standards provided by the state and district.

LRHS Testing Coordinator Jeffrey Simmons explained that testing results provide the school with vital information.

“The student’s performance on the assessments and the percentage of students testing also affect our overall school grade. The better our students score and the more students we test, the higher our school grade,” Simmons said.

Other standardized testing such as the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and the American College Testing (ACT) exam allow students to gain a deeper understanding regarding graduation and their futures.

LRHS biology teacher Bryan Thomas explained that some courses include content that needs to be learned and applied to real-life situations. Thomas began assigning spiral reviews to his students during the first week of March.

“Textbook reading guides, podcasts, animation videos and structured reviews help students learn the content, and class activities and laboratory exercises help students apply the content,” Thomas said.

LRHS Principal Dustin Dahlquist said testing is a vital component to maintaining the school’s rating, and the school offers services for students who need supplementary help.

“We provide additional learning opportunities for students who struggle with different subjects, such as remedial courses and online programs,” Dahlquist said.

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Mustang sophomore Savannah Adams said, “Even though testing is stressful, the more you test, the more acclimated to testing you get, which can relieve anxiety over time.”

Dahlquist added, “Tests are supposed to produce some anxiety, but in the days leading up to the test, stay hydrated, chew mint gum, and eat breakfast to do well on your test.”