Olivia Ryan – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Over the next few weeks at LRHS, English teacher Debra McCarthy’s Advanced Placement (AP) English Composition classes will participate in a class mock trial.

The trial began on Feb. 27 and will end on Mar. 9.

Mustangs are debating which fictional candidate receives a needed heart transplant.

McCarthy said, “This type of student-led project allows students to focus on what their strengths are during the arguments and to use them to their advantage.”

There are six groups each representing their own clients. They will work together to build a case that will satisfy the judges.

“I like how the students must create a case from scratch,” McCarthy continued.

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Each class has five judges that create rules and procedures for the courtroom. This included a dress code, purpose of the trial, penalties, and courtroom etiquette.

The attorneys were provided with a schedule containing trial dates and how much time clients have to plead their case to the judges.

Mustangs are given only a name, age, and occupation. From there, they have to come up with a compelling reason and build a case from that.

Once all groups have presented their information, the judges must determine which client they will eliminate.

On the final day of the trial, there will be two groups left. They each have to present closing arguments.

The winner of this trial receives extra credit.