Emma Bourdeau – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Mustangs are joining women all around the world to celebrate International Women’s Day today.
International Women’s Day recognizes women’s achievements, educates and raises awareness for women’s equality, calls for positive change advancing women, lobbies for accelerated gender equality and fundraises for female-focused charities. 

In addition to recognizing women, the day is a call to action for accelerating gender equality. Women come together worldwide to celebrate women’s achievements and rally for women’s equality.

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Women at LRHS take today to share their own thoughts-

  • Sophomore and girls’ soccer player Emma Chapman said, “I am grateful for the women who have paved the path for young girls to play sports throughout their life. And I am using International Women’s Day to acknowledge women in sports and appreciating my role models.”
  • Senior Katie Foley said, “I want to celebrate intersectionality for all women and appreciate the diversity of women all over the world. No matter the circumstance, women will still be confident and successful.”
  • Senior Alli Thomas said, “I’m celebrating international women’s day by talking about and being involved in leadership! I am the President of the Chorus here at LRHS. It is imperative to have women in leadership because they are just as equal and can help a group or people to grow and be inspired! Being in leadership has shown me to be strong and not being afraid to fail and not be scared of that failure! And I encourage Women to do the same and be in leadership and take charge!”
  • Senior Carly Gillen said, “I think the way I’m celebrating international woman’s Day spending the time with the powerful woman in my life. My mom and my sisters are such a big role models in my life, so I want to spend time with them and show my appreciation.”
  • LRHS Discipline Dean Dr. Deborah Shannon said, “If I can make a difference, I would educate women on their value and self-worth. I believe that women should value themselves politically, in work and academics, physically and in an all-other aspect of their lives.”
  • Senior Georgia Wilson said, “I’m celebrating National Women’s Day by listening to music radio behind my Greek email lyricist I am listening to artist like Carole King and the Cranberries and Heart.  These women have inspired me to explore music and share my art to others.”
  • Senior Kathleen Kravens said, “I was the only girl in my computer science class Junior year, and it was really isolating. I think it’s important for women in stem to support each other.”