LRHS senior Alexandra Devine is a devoted hockey fan.  The enthusiasm of this Florida girl for a “northern” sport has led her to learn extensively about its ins and outs.  She feels fans can learn much about the nature of sports, competition and entertainment from her research and insights. She hopes to eventually get a job in the business side of hockey.

Alexandra Devine – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The National Hockey League’s (NHL) annual All-Star Game attracts fans from across the North American continent for one big weekend.

Media, team staff, players, and fans come from all over the country to spend a weekend celebrating and showcasing the talents of the players.

An important part of the event each season is the logo that is designed, as it is meant to showcase the team and its city.

Here are my top five favorite logos from the All-Star Game:

  1. 2022 – Las Vegas

The design of the Las Vegas All-Star Game logo is the one that stuck out to me the most. I really think the energy and theming of Las Vegas is shown well in a logo that was created for the weekend event. Las Vegas is an infamous tourist destination, but not the typical hockey market most people would think of.

The colors of gold, black, and red, not only highlight Las Vegas’s home team’s (Golden Knights) colors, but also the overall feel and look of Las Vegas.

  • 2018 – Tampa Bay

The design of this logo for the All-Star Game in Tampa Bay back in 2018 captures the feel of Tampa Bay. The tropical design with palm trees and ocean waves is exactly what comes to mind when thinking of Tampa Bay. It highlights the local beaches, which is also not the traditional hockey market.

The colors used add onto the feeling of Florida with the colorful sunsets, palm trees, and deep blue water.

  • 2012 – Ottawa

The logo pays homage to Canada’s capital, Ottawa, with Parliament Hill featured in the logo. I really like the use of a historical landmark in Ottawa.

Ottawa has been a staple in the league, having hall of fame players and legends on their previous rosters, and being Canada’s capital, the logo represents hockey’s best players at the All-Star Game and Canada.

  • 2004 – Minnesota

The All-Star Game was held in the State of Hockey back in 2004 and should make a comeback soon. The inclusion of the Minnesota Wild logo gives it a lot of character and, of course, has the “Wild” details to it with the forest and lake.

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  • 2000 – Toronto

Toronto was the host in 2000 and will be the host again in 2024. The iconic Maple Leaf for both the Toronto Maple Leafs logo and for the Canadian flag is the main feature, along with a star for the annual All-Star Game.

I also love the incorporation of the “2000” into the letters to spell Toronto. This logo will always be iconic to me because of how large of a market Toronto is.