Many Mustangs need to know what type of courses to take that would fulfill their style of learning. LRHS offers Dual Enrollment (DE), Advanced Placement (AP), and Honors courses for students to take, all on a different difficulty level.  

Nadia Gandhi – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Dual Enrollment (DE) college courses are offered to Mustangs on campus and off campus through the University of South Florida (USF) and the State College of Florida (SCF).

DE allows high school students to take advanced level courses at the college level.

Precalculus Algebra/ Trigonometry DE teacher Meghan Sugalski recommends DE to responsible Mustangs, as college level courses are held to the standards of USF and SCF.

Sugalski explained that DE has benefits such as boosting Grade Point Average (GPA).

“Dual enrollment helps students get ahead by filling the general education requirements and your college credit is not hinged on one test in May because you are graded on the body of your work,” Sugalski said.

DE US History teacher Thomas Honsa enjoys teaching dual enrollment.  Honsa has also taught classes in colleges for 25 years.

“Dual enrollment is a duplication of an actual college course, but on a high school campus. The lessons I give dual enrollment students are essentially similar to the lessons I give college students,” Honsa said.

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Sophomore Savannah Adams is currently enrolled in a DE course.

“Dual enrollment is a great way for me to get ahead in college,” Adams said.

Dual enrollment courses are free of charge and are helpful for Mustangs to gain college credit.

To learn more about the dual enrollment program at LRHS, click here.