Jacob Smith– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Some Mustangs are looking forward to 2023, partly due to the reboot of the Transformers franchise on the “rise.”

The new series, “Transformers- Rise of the Beast,” is supposed to go back to the roots of the original cartoon series, from 1984 to 1987, and revert to the transformers’ original designs but with a couple of new features.

Taking place in the 90s, the Maximals, the descendants of the Autobots, and Predacons, the descendants of the Decepticons join the existing battle on Earth between their ancestors.

Although no information has been given on the plot, what we do know is that Noah, one of the main protagonists, is a young, sharp guy from Brooklyn who gets dragged into the battle of the transformers and helps the Autobots.

“Transformers, Rise of the Beast” takes place after the events following the solo movie, “Bumblebee” which tells the origin of the robot so many fans know and love.

“A lot of franchises are being rebooted, but I really feel that the ‘Transformers’ franchise restarting will give more character and originality to the story,” senior Ryan Hanson said.

Sophomore Heyden Kudelko said, “I like the newer, more retro, designs a lot more than Michael Bay’s designs. It makes me excited to see where this reboot goes, and I really hope they can make it as memorable as Bay’s first three movies.”

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Optimus Prime will be voiced by Peter Cullen, the original voice of the character, and Pete Davidson, a popular stand-up comedian, will be voicing one of the Autobots, Mirage.

The movie will be directed by Steven Caple Jr. and is expected to be in theaters by June 9, 2023.