Olivia Ellis– Mustangs Ahead Senior Writer

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS class of 2023 senior superlatives have been announced.

The process for senior superlatives started in December when seniors nominated up to two students per category.  

Seniors had two weeks to vote for their top Mustangs who they thought best fit the category. The students with the most votes won.

Winners will receive an email from yearbook regarding their picture for the annual publication.

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Senior Eden Gibbs said, “It was really cool to win one especially something like ray of sunshine because I’m glad people view me in a positive aspect.”

The winners are –

  • Best hair: Lilly Lynch and Clay Brown
  • Class Parent: Sammie King and Mahi Patel
  • Biggest Academic Weapon: Sara Huszar and Anna Miller
  • Most Likely to Late to Graduation: Joseph Vilasi and Evan Wilson
  • Class Clown: Jaithan Phillips and Jake Wellander
  • Most Likely to survive the Hunger Games: Skylar Cox and Muda Osman
  • Most Likely to sleep through an earthquake: Logan Rosenberg and Nick Harlin
  • Most Likely to be on a reality show: CJ Tufano and Thomas McCue
  • Most Artistic: Jorja Heine and Kathleen Cravens
  • Biggest Ray of Sunshine: Madi Gemme and Eden Gibbs
  • Most Likely to be President: Michael Price, Maddie Hotaling, and Mack Woolever
  • Dynamic Duo: Dylan Reiser and Leonel Marines
  • Most Involved: Kate Tuchman and John Sirignano
  • Class Couple: Tierney Thornhill and Brian Areco
  • Best Dressed: Brooke Morgan and Eli Martin
  • Most Likely to go to the Olympics: Andrea Dietz and Tamlyn Leatt
  • Worst case of senioritis: Chad Anderson and Mark Ulrich
  • Most Athletic: Cassidy McClellan and Kevin Everhart
  • Most Likely to be famous: Aaron Ways, Jared Baker, and Jenna Barnhill
  • Most Changed since freshman year: Chris Galli and Seth Shamrock