Savannah Adams – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The deadline for Mustangs to sign-up to take the Post-Secondary Educational Readiness Test (PERT), originally set for this Friday, has been extended to Feb. 27

Mustangs can register to take the PERT on either Tuesday, Mar. 7 or Wednesday, Mar. 8.

The test will be given after school in the Media Center.

The PERT is a multi-section test.  If Mustangs chose to take all sections, it could take up to three hours to complete.

In addition to passing the PERT, Mustangs interested in taking Dual Enrollment courses through the State College of Florida (SCF) or the University of South Florida (USF) are required to meet an initial Grade Point Average (GPA) as well as course prerequisite requirements.

These requirements include certain test scores either obtained by the SAT, American College Testing (ACT), or PERT.

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For courses requiring a reading score, an individual will have to score a 24 on the SAT Reading Subtest, a 19 on the ACT Reading, or a 106 on the PERT Reading.

For courses requiring a writing score, an individual will have to score a 25 on the SAT Writing Subtest, a 17 on the English ACT, or a 103 on the PERT Writing.

For courses requiring a math score, an individual will have to score a 27 on the SAT Math Subtest, a 21 on the Math ACT, or a 123 on the PERT Math.

The link to the PERT registration form can be found here.