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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Many know Lakewood Ranch High School has enjoyed years of success. However, many don’t realize its success dates back to the year 2000.

The school has been overseen by different principals and administrative teams, all whom worked to make sure LRHS is one of the best schools in the area. Currently, Principal Dustin Dahlquist is helping the school maintains its eloquence.

There are multiple reasons LRHS is one of the elites.

First of all, LRHS has always offered numerous courses for high achievers.

Since 2000, the school has offered honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and, starting in 2004, dual enrollment courses.

Sophomore Nadia Gandhi said, “There is a variety of advanced courses that LRHS offers. I’m glad there’s a wide range of AP and dual enrollment classes offered so I can enhance my education.”

Another attribute that has put LRHS on top is performance in test scores.

In 2000, the LRHS average Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) score was 510 for verbal and 502 for math.

This was higher than the state average, 498 for verbal and 499 for the math section, and right in line with the national average of 506 for the verbal section and 514 for the math section.

By 2013, the comparisons were consistent. The LRHS Average SAT score a 512 for reading, 508 for math, and 493 for writing.

These scores were higher than the state average, 492 for reading, 490 for math, and 475 for writing. LRHS scores were still higher in reading and writing compared to the national average with 496 for reading and 488 for writing but 514 for math.

In 2022, the LRHS Average SAT score for the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) section was 541 and math was 538.

This was higher than both the state and national averages, with the state average coming in at 520 for the EBRW section and 497 for the math and the national average being 528 for the EBRW section and 523 for the math section.

LRHS has also excelled in the American College Test (ACT).

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In 2000, the LRHS Average ACT score was 21.5. This was higher than both the average state score, 20.4, and the average national score, 21.0.

In 2013, the LRHS average ACT score was 21.8.

This score was noticeably higher compared to the state’s average score of 19.6 and the national average score of 20.9.

In 2022, LRHS continued to show its strength in testing, having an average score of 22.8.

On the other hand, the state’s average was 20.4 and the national average was only 20.3.

LRHS provides a feature on Khan Academy where students can link their Pre-SAT (PSAT) scores. The program then evaluates the areas the student needs to work on and creates lesson plans to strengthen the student’s skills in that category.

“Using this tool students are able to build up their skills in the areas where they didn’t perform quite as well,” said LRHS Test Coordinator Jeffrey Simmons.

Finally, the AP Program at LRHS has exploded over the years.

In 2001, there were 107 AP exams administered.

In 2013, the total skyrocketed with 527 exams taken.

In 2022 1397 exams were administered.

This year, it is estimated that over 1,800 AP exams will be administered.

AP Calculus teacher Meghan Sugalski said, “With AP courses, students have a higher chance at being able to transfer those earned credits to a college out of state.”