Angel Markoski – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Spring is just around the corner, which means LRHS track and field season is almost here.

The LRHS track and field team will have six coaches this season.

Head coach Bill Zarrella said, “This year’s track team consists of roughly 130 participants, with the sprints team having 70 participants.”

Sprinters coach Chris Monoki said, “I love how many athletes have returned to this sport and are eager to improve this season.”

Many track and field athletes have graduated this year from both the girls and boys teams, but the coaches still have high expectations for the returning athletes.

“The guys’ sprint team is very promising this season, with an overall increase in speed compared to last year,” Monoki said.

Zarrella added, “The girls long distance team is also up there, and some are expected to make it to the state championship in the relays.”

The first official practice was on Jan. 30, but conditioning started two weeks prior.

This track season will be the second season for Monoki. He added many new activities to practices.

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Monoki said, “Last year’s sprint program was a distinct break in program and philosophy from the previous year. This year, we have given plyometric drills much greater priority than last year, as studies have shown ‘plyos’ are an affective and time efficient practice in increasing acceleration and max speed.”

After this week, track season will begin a regular meet schedule. The schedule is comprised of two meets per week.

Track season will come to an end on May 20 with the State Championships.