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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Over 113 million people watched the 2023 Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles this past Sunday.

Unfortunately for them, they missed out on some top-tier television. Here are some of the best programs that were tragically passed over by millions in favor of the Super Bowl.

6. “Coffee Shop” (2014)

Most would pass by this movie when looking for what to watch, but that is a tragic mistake. In this critically acclaimed film, a struggling coffee shop owner is not only able to find financial success but also love.

5. “Undercover Boss”

The CEO of Vivint, Todd Pederson, goes undercover in his home security company. Todd gains a deeper connection with his employees and cures his fear of heights.

4. “Back to the Future”

“Back to the Future” is a great way to learn the rules of time travel. Aspiring time travelers everywhere can learn something from this film. This classic is always worth a watch.

3. The Puppy Bowl XIX

What is there to be said. The Puppy Bowl is the event to watch. Every year people wait in anticipation for the Puppy Bowl. Nothing beats watching puppies run around playing football.

2. “Mean Girls”

No reasonable person should ever miss a chance to watch the hit 2004 movie “Mean Girls.” It came on twice back-to-back during the Super Bowl, making it the obvious choice of what to watch Sunday night, that is if it were not for the number program

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1. Three-hour ad for the Shark robot vacuum

There is no better way to spend one eighth of your day than watching a whole three-hour ad for the Shark robot vacuum. Frankly, it is surprising that more people don’t spend their free time watching three-hour ads for the Shark robot vacuum. Nothing can top getting together with your friends, getting some good food cooking, and sitting down on the couch to watch three uninterrupted hours of Shark robot vacuum ad.