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Heyden Kudelko – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Mustangs have been reflecting on the Super Bowl after an entertaining Sunday.

Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs claimed their second title in four years. In a game that went down to the wire it was ultimately decided on a holding call that allowed the Chiefs to run out the clock and score a last second field goal.

LRHS junior Justin Baltes was disappointed by the call.

“The refs let the Eagles play physical all game,” he said, “but just changed their minds and let the Chiefs win.”

LRHS sophomore Dominick Kerman thought the call was fair.

”The Eagles player admitted that he was holding the receiver’s jersey,” he said.

The game was neck and neck throughout, although the Eagles did have a 10-point lead at halftime.

The annual halftime show featured music superstar Rihanna.

Junior Kerryn Benshoff said, “She was a great break from all of the football being played and was very good.”

The Chiefs struggled early but came out of the half firing scoring on every drive for the rest of the night with quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ stellar play.

Mahomes, who was named a National Football League (NFL) MVP, was evenly matched with Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, but the Eagles defense did not play their best, as Mahomes torched them for three touchdowns on 21 for 27 passing, for 182 yards.

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Mahomes also ran the ball surprisingly well, despite an excruciating looking lingering ankle injury, and is the first quarterback since Kurt Warner on the 1999 St. Lois Rams, to win an MVP and the Super Bowl.

Mahomes has already begun to spurn conversations about the greatest of all time debate, and comparisons to just-retired Tampa Bay Buccaneer Tom Brady.  If he continues to win and produce, Mahomes could cement himself as a legend of the game.