A scanning electron microscope has offered LRHS science teacher Tana Phelps’ students a rare view of the world

Michelle Rodriguez – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS Mustangs have had the opportunity to use the newest, extremely powerful TM4000Plus Tabletop Microscope.

The microscope takes extremely magnified images of normal everyday items. It uses a powerful vacuum and pump to create pictures.  

Mustangs were able to bring in items to scan, such as bugs, leaves, and wood.

With the microscope, items can be completely dried out and scanned.

Afterwards, they are put into a file and arranged alphabetically to create an alpha list.

Senior James Leville and junior Connor Henning are Chemistry 2 students.

Leville experimented with blades of grass while Henning tried paper towels and tissues.

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Leville said, “I like it because you can see the different cells and cell walls inside.”

Henning said, “I compared the two and found the different fibers in each.”

The TM4000Plus Tabletop Microscope can be found in LRHS science teacher Tana Phelps room in 567.