New to “Mustangs Ahead” is our “Mustangs snapshots” feature. “Mustangs snapshots,” much like “Mustangs react,” features mustangs around the campus responding to questions about the “right here” and “right now.”  Questions like, “What food do you want to have right now?” and “Where do you wish you could be right now?” are the foundation questions of “Mustangs snapshots.”  

Stephanie Green – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – What are Mustangs craving for lunch?

“Mustangs snapshots” asked people where they would go for lunch – if they go anywhere right now.

Freshmen Ava Antonucci said, “Panera is so good.”

Freshman Mylee McDowell said, “Pacific Counter, their tea is so good. I like their tea.”

Many of their friends agreed that Panera was the best place to go eat.

A group of sophomores preferred pizza and sushi, yet when asked to pick between the two, the votes were split.

Sophomore Asa Adorno added, “I love Michelangelo’s their pizza is so good.”

Sophomore Grayce Bittenbender said, “U-Yee has the best sushi it’s so good and so is their service.”

Junior Jon Cooper was thinking that the best place for him is Subway.

Junior Marissa Brady said, “Wendy’s, because their burgers go hard.”

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Senior Serena Depaulo was feeling hangry, so she wanted a Chick-fil-a sandwich.

Senior Lucas Viera says, “Five Guys because their burgers are good compared to other fast-food places and you get extra fries.”