Maggie Sugalski – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – It’s not too early for LRHS juniors to prepare for the challenges to come in their senior year.  

To aid these concerns, the LRHS counseling team will visit all US History classes on Tuesday, Jan. 31, Wednesday, Feb. 1, and Friday, Feb. 3.

LRHS school counselor Jennifer Moser said, “Our hope is that they can have a better understanding of graduation requirements, as well as an understanding of how to sign up or apply for dual enrollment and how to go about doing that.

“Hopefully saving them some time from having to come down and talk to us individually,” she continued.

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Here’s the daily schedule for counselor visits.  If Mustangs have conflict with any of the following dates, they are advised to let their counselor know.

PeriodJan. 31Feb. 1 Feb. 3
1Hall- Moser and Alter
Coetzee- Rey and Verno
Pascuzzi-Rey and ShackHanson- Moser and Shack
Ross-Alter and Rey
2Hall- Moser and AlterPascuzzi-Verno and MoserHonsa- Moser and Verno
3Hall-Rey and MoserPascuzzi-Alter and ReyHanson-Verno and Moser
4Hall-Alter and Shack (10:41)Pascuzzi-Shack and Verno (10:10)Hanson-Shack and Alter (10:10)
5 Pascuzzi-Moser and AlterRoss- Verno and Rey
6Hall-Rey and VernoPascuzzi- Rey and Verno 
7Hall-Moser and Shack
Coetzee-Rey and Alter
 Hanson-Moser and Alter
Ross-Rey and Shack