Jessica Kobetitsch – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS Stellar Xplorers have advanced to the next level of competition.

The StellarXplorers National Space Design Competition is a fun space system design competition that challenges teams of students to solve orbit planning, satellite component, and launch vehicle selection scenarios in a series of online rounds.

The Stellar Xplorers team will move on to their third round of competitions Friday.

If they qualify at this third level of competitions, they will compete in the semifinals and eventually perhaps the Stellar Xplorers Superbowl finals.

Senior LRHS team captain Kathleen Cravens said, “In our upcoming competition, we’re focusing on launch operations and selecting a launch vehicle to meet mission requirements. We’ll collaborate to solve the problem using STK software and Excel.”

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“Through StellarXplorers, we are cultivating the leaders in STEM with strong moral character, leading the way to space and beyond.​ We welcome anybody with an interest in space, regardless of their prior experience,” stated the Stellar Xplorers website.

Mustangs with questions can reach out to club adviser and LRHS science teacher Daniel Goodman.