Ainsley Ellis – Mustangs Ahead Junior Associate Editor

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – After nearly 10 years as the LRHS online journalism program, “Mustangs Ahead” has numbers like never before.

“Mustangs Ahead” publishes LRHS news daily on the school’s website.

In 2022, the program’s website reached 47,018 visitors and posted a total of 134,588 views.

“Mustangs Ahead” adviser and LRHS journalism teacher Tom Honsa said, “That indicates over 1000 people are reading our stories every week of the school year.  It’s a credit to the hard work of our students and to the interest of our audience.”

“Mustangs Ahead” senior editor Jennifer Schillinger said, “I am so proud of everyone on the team, and I am so excited to grow our numbers this year.”

“Mustangs Ahead” outreach coordinator junior Tess Lippincott said, “It is amazing as a leadership member to see such an original and innovative journalism organization to do so well; showing that it really comes down to the creative journalism students and staff we have here on campus.”

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The “Mustangs Ahead” statistics from previous years –

  • 2014: 15,513 visitors and 52,491 views
  • 2015: 20,592 visitors and 76,291 views
  • 2016: 24,094 visitors and 84,852 views
  • 2017: 22,860 visitors and 83,130 views
  • 2018: 22,441 visitors and 91,772 views
  • 2019: 30,288 visitors and 104,265 views
  • 2020: 36,530 visitors and 89,509 views
  • 2021: 37,245 visitors and 97,569 views
  • 2022: 47,018 visitors and 134,588 views

“Mustangs Ahead” is the school’s second online journalism program.  It replaced the original effort in 2013.