Joyce Gad – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – January marks the start of the third quarter at LRHS.

The third quarter is often the most difficult for many Mustangs; the holiday season is over and summer break seems so far away.

The honeymoon period of first quarter is over and the hard work put into first semester grades were treated with a well-deserved winter break.

Some Mustangs struggle to find motivation in order to get through the quarter and often grades drop and students fight to stay on top of assignments. At the same time, teachers find it difficult to continue motivating their students to succeed.

Senior Josie Plakyda said, “I know after the semester is done, I’ll begin to have senioritis as I feel that I’m so close to finishing, yet it feels so far away from third quarter”.

Junior Summer Aruajo explained that the third quarter is usually the hardest for her.

Aruajo said, “It’s so close to exams, yet so far away, which makes me dread what’s coming and can leave me with no motivation to do anything.”

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While many Mustangs struggle with staying in check, there are many ways to survive the third quarter slump:

  1. Create To-Do lists and organizers to make sure you stay on track with assignments and tests.
  2. Create a reward system to keep motivation for each achievement made.
  3. Communicate with your teachers and counselors when feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Being able to communicate feelings of stress to a support system such as friends and family can be a crucial part in Mustangs succeeding in the third quarter.