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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Many Mustangs have strong opinions on golf. Some love golf, while others think it is the worst sport ever played.

Senior Ryan Hanson said, “The sport of golf is fun to play.”

Although golf has its biggest audience in the USA, the sport is a dying past time. With other sports gaining popularity like baseball, football, and hockey, golf has lower viewership compared to other sports.

According to USTVDB which records viewership, the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) tour this year has averaged less than a million viewers on an average tour of the PGA. The PGA has also seen a 14 percent decline in viewership.  

This can be due to older people trying new and exciting sports like pickleball or frisbee golf to try and get out and try other sports. No matter what the cause of the decline of viewership, the majority of Mustangs at LRHS do not enjoy the sport.

Sophomore Jacob Smith said, “I can watch one swing of golf and I already want to turn off the game.”

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The PGA is the primary organization for professional golf. The LIV tour is the Saudi Arabian sponsored tournament that has recently been established. The first match of the LIV tour was played on June 9, 2022.

The LIV tournament has revolutionized the sport by changing how the players get paid, featuring a guaranteed contract and money for winning a tournament.

While the PGA pays the players for where they place in the tournament, they do not offer contacts to the players.

Both tours play a standard 18-hole game with most holes being over 400 yards from the driving spot to the hole. The tours also play multiple different courses throughout the world to grow the game of golf.

The PGA plays most of their tournaments in the USA because it has the biggest audience with the most famous tournaments like the Masters and the US Open being in the United States.