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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- College football is a very popular topic among LRHS Mustangs, so the 40 bowl games that occur throughout the year add to the popularity.

With there being so many bowl games there are bound to be some terrible or bizarre names.

Whether it’s sponsors that do not fit the name of the bowl game or just flat-out terrible names, here are some of the absolute worst bowl game names of all time.

#5 – The Wheat Bowl

We must look back to 2006 to see the last time this game was played. It has a unique history. This game was the only college football preseason bowl.

This game was played in the preseason to avoid other scheduling conflicts with championship games or the possibility of inclement weather in Kansas.

It’s no wonder the game is no longer played, who would want to go all the way out to Kansas for a game named after grain?

#4 – The two Cheez-It Bowl games

Two bowl games are being sponsored by Cheez-Its this year. To make it more confusing, they are both being played in the same stadium, just on different days.

The Cheez-It bowl games come with a cheesy gimmick of the chance to stay a night in the exclusive Cheez-It hotel room, allowing fans to experience a Cheez-It advertising event while they sleep.

#3 – Military Bowl

The Military Bowl game is an okay name for a bowl game save for one big problem. The issue comes from the fact that neither the Army, Navy, nor Air Force teams play in the bowl game. It just seems ironic that the name of the bowl game is not being played by the teams that are endorsing the games.

#2 – The Salad Bowl

This bowl game name may seem fake. This however is untrue.  The game was played from 1947-1955 in Phoenix, Arizona. This is a very ironic bowl game name with being played in Arizona with not much greenery being grown in the state. It’s just weird to host games there named after things that do not grow well in Arizona.

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#1 – The Raycom Media Camellia Bowl

The Raycom Media Camellia Bowl game is a terribly long name with the sponsorship being from a not very well-known sponsor. Sometimes companies sponsor bowl games to get their names out there.  This did not work very well for them. This company is defunct. So clearly the advertising didn’t help them grow.