Football just seems weird to some people

Conall Fisher– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKWOOD RANCH, FL) – You are sitting on your friend’s couch on a Sunday night, but instead of the comfortable end of the weekend you were hoping for, you’re stuck watching some football game and the most enjoyable thing in the room to you is the chips and dip.

With the football season eight weeks in and 10 weeks to go, you’ll probably find yourself in at least a few conversations about football. The problem? Everyone around you seems to know everything there is to know about every game and every player, while you stand there nodding along.

Sophomore Bella Moscone said, “Every day I have to listen to my dad and my brother talk about their fantasy football teams. I just get tired of listening to it.”

Sophomore Jacob Smith said, “It just sounds like a foreign language. I’m trying to process what everyone else is saying but I can’t understand it.”

Without knowing the football lingo, chances are you’ll be totally lost in any conversation you find yourself in.

You don’t have to watch a game that doesn’t interest you and memorize boring statistics to carry a conversation you would rather not be in. Simply pretend you know what you’re talking about instead.

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The key is to get a perfect mix between agreeing with them and disagreeing with them. You won’t even have to talk that often because most people are content rambling on without hearing your input.

When you get a chance question with one little meaningless (at least to you) detail, you’ll get a detailed analysis of why you’re wrong.

Next, simply admit your “wrong,” agree with their rebuttal, and you’re set.