Kiarra Leverett – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Financial literacy, part of economics, is a required class that all LRHS seniors must take to graduate.

According to Firstroot, economics is considered an important class that everyone should take to make good financial decisions in their life.

The Firstroot website states, “If students are not taught about credit reports, debt, savings, stock, retirement, and similar subjects in high school, they are much more likely to experience money-related challenges when they put them to use in the real world.”

The class is only taken for a semester, for half of a credit.  Once the semester is over Mustangs taking economics transfer to U.S. Government, where they earn another half credit.

The LRHS economics teachers are Vito Bavaro and Nicolette Coetzee.

In economics, Mustangs learn the best way to avoid falling into debt, how to save money efficiently, amongst other important things.

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Bavaro said, “Most important thing to learn is that time plus money equal wealth. Money put into a good mutual fund at an early age will help later on in life.”

LHRS senior Grace Kelley said, “I enjoy taking economics and believe it’s important for all students to take.”