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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Why is true crime so popular?

True crime is a genre of literature, podcasts, and films that focuses on murder and the tales of notorious serial killers. It can be found on the news, online, in books, in podcasts, almost anywhere you can stream or read.

There are some who wonder why people are interested in true crime, and some who don’t understand why they’re interested themselves.

LRHS fine arts and yearbook teacher Hannah Legere has been a true crime follower for a long time.

She said, “I’ve liked true crime because I like to know the motives behind the crime and criminal. It’s interesting to know why these people did what they did.”

LRHS junior Jaymee DeFoor said, “I like true crime because of the feeling it gives me, the thrill of it. I feel like the excitement of not knowing what the outcome would be is what makes it interesting and almost makes you want to solve the unsolved yourself.”

The new Netflix series ‘Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ has recently gained popularity in the media. The thriller-series talks about the infamous Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Many people have believed that the show is the most accurate depiction of what happened during his 13-year crime spree.

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Some psychologists think that people enjoy diving into true crime because it helps society learn what makes a criminal, and to better protect ourselves.

Because so many Americans enjoy true crime, cold cases are sometimes solved by audience members based on the attention the cases get from the media.

This was shown by a poll that one in three Americans follow true crime at least once a week.

The popularity of true crime news has grown significantly over time. In a 2020-2021 report, true crime documentaries had a higher demand rate than five other documentary subgenres.