Many Mustangs may not realize the importance of after school activities throughout High school while others consider them vital to the High school experience.  “Mustangs Ahead”’s Nadia Gandhi examines some of the school’s more prominent extracurricular offerings.

Nadia Gandhi – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Mustangs often find school activities outside of the traditional classroom settings important.

Some students participate in school sports, which not only allow for a distraction from academics, but also teaches students to be patient and teamwork.

LRHS athletic director Kent Ringquist explained that athletics have a positive effect on students, as they can relieve stress from academics.

“Students that are involved in athletics learn to manage their time better, since they have to find a perfect balance between sports and studies,” Ringquist said.

Student-athletes are faced with additional challenges, but many students enjoy sports as they serve as a break from instruction.

Sophomore soccer player Savannah Adams said, “For me, sports provide an outlet to release any stress that builds up during the day.”

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While high school focuses on the academic aspects, students learn valuable information that can be utilized later in life.

Alumna Ally Adamo, an LRHS swimmer,  enjoyed the high school setting.  She was able to meet new people through her sport and find things she enjoyed outside of campus.

“High school is the perfect time to learn how to balance the academic side of school with extracurricular and other things you find enjoyment in. While in college, I can manage my time more efficiently while still staying involved on campus,” Adamo said.

Adamo’s time with the swim team positively benefitted her, as she was able to enjoy activities outside of academics.

Sports serve as an outlet for many Mustangs outside of school, as it gives them something new to focus on.