Savannah Adams – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS boys and girls soccer teams played multiple games this past week.

The teams’ combined record for the week was 7-0-1.

The LRHS boys varsity soccer squad won 4-0 against Sarasota High School (SHS) and 2-0 against Manatee High School (MHS).

Junior Noah Rueping said, “Absolutely perfect games this week. We kept a clean sheet for both so that is always a plus.”

The LRHS girls varsity soccer squad won 4-0 against George Jenkins High School, 3-0 against SHS, and 8-0 against Out-of-Door Academy (ODA).

Coach Delaney Riggins said, “It was a great week. The girls worked cohesively as a unit throughout the two games.”

The LRHS boys junior varsity soccer team won 4-2 against SHS and tied 3-3 against Braden River High School (BRHS).

Sophomore Matias Garcia said, “I was fairly proud with the boys and their fighting spirit with both games and their comebacks this week.

“I am especially pleased with the win against Sarasota because last year we lost to them in a very intense game in the Semifinal of the Ram Bowl,” she continued.

The LRHS girls junior varsity soccer team won 4-1 against George Jenkins and 8-0 against SHS.

Junior Brooke Cayla said, “For this season I’m hoping we’re continuing to be successful and that our team will grow stronger in communication and chemistry on the field.”

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All teams are optimistic about the season.

Riggins continued, “As long as everyone continues to give their best effort at practices and games, we will have a very successful season. I am looking forward to watching the growth of the team and individual players through the season.”

Rueping said, “We all know the history of Lakewood Ranch Soccer, but we cannot get too confident. It’s a new year with new players, but just like every single year, it’s the same goal; a state championship ring.”

All teams will be practicing over break in preparation for the upcoming games when they return.