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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The world of video games has an impact on almost everything Mustangs do, even on those who don’t play.

Video games influence the way many teenagers engage in media, whether that be in the classroom or social media platforms. They provide the chance to tell a story from a first-person Point of View (POV), while also giving the player a prominent role in the story.

Whether through character animations and interactive dialogue players ultimately make their own decisions and control their actions.

Due to their spike in popularity, students began to form competitive organizations and clubs such as the esports team at LRHS.

Junior Elena Hernandez said, “People have started to actually play to get good and not just to win causing harder gameplay for some people causing more competition.”

Meanwhile streaming websites such as Twitch have created a culture within media and changed the way we enjoy content.

They have also made video games a widespread popular genre of entertainment, as well as creating jobs for people who enjoy playing.

Statistics on Exploding Topics estimate over 200 million content creators in the world today, making an average of $22 an hour. Some professional eSport players even make $60-120k a year.

The U.S. Army and Air Force have promoted the popularity of esports, using the skills of esport athletes to help protect the country.

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Computer apps like Discord have also made gaming communication easier and more widespread. These apps have provided a safe space for fandoms to form their own communities and discuss their favorite topics.

Exploding Topics records 3.24 billion video-gamers across the world, 51.1 of whom are children. In 2021, 41.5 percent of US players were female, with the remaining 58.5 percent being male.

Often, players experience their favorite video games into Virtual Reality headsets. The appeal of a completely computer-generated, three-dimensional object has evolved as more and more technology evolves. Consumers predict that virtual reality may possibly become a tool in our daily lives.

Job opportunities in the video game world are plentiful with careers such as game designers, game testers, and graphic designers.