Sara Cestero – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Senior Mustangs are beginning a new chapter of their lives as they reach adulthood.

Some seniors are excited to see what their personal futures will bring.

After reaching 18, most teens take on more responsibilities that allows them to gain a newfound freedom.

Senior Kaitlyn Case turned 18 in September.

Case said, “Adulthood has been extremely exciting so far! I was able to buy a lottery ticket on my birthday and I’m looking forward to buying spray paint for the first time!”

Senior Eli Martin will turn 18 in December.

Martin said, “I feel like the biggest perks will be work-related. Once I turn 18, I’ll be able to become a manager at Pac Sun, which is where I work.

“I feel like I’m more mature for my age, so I’m excited to become an adult and be treated older for once. It’s tough constantly being looked at as a child and I’m looking forward to the change,” he continued.

While some Mustangs see adulthood as a positive experience, others are hesitant.

The independence of adulthood can scare some teens, as well as the pressure of growing up.

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Most seniors will be on to new stages such as college and leaving the house.

Senior Tierney Thornhill said, “I’ll be turning 18 in December. Leaving high school seems like a huge step and while it will be exciting, I’m not too ready for all the responsibilities I know I’ll have to take on.”

Spencer Hickman said, “It’s both liberating and terrifying at the same time. It’s fun being able to do what you want, but college applications create a bit of uncertainty. Overall, I think I’ll be fine.”

While many seniors agree that the change can be quite scary, becoming an adult is an exciting stage in life and opens many new opportunities.