LRHS Mini-Mustangs enjoy Halloween fun

Samantha Montano and Sydney Oostendorp – Mustangs ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS Mini-Mustangs celebrated Halloween Friday at LRHS.

The Mini-Mustangs dressed up in Halloween costumes and paraded around the school while teachers, staff and students gave them treats. The Mini-Mustangs is the school’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten program.

From princesses to dinosaurs, the Mini-Mustangs showed up with a great variety of wonderful costumes.

Students and teachers left classrooms during third period to go to the courtyard and hand out candy.

Mini-Mustang Serafina was asked who had the coolest costume.

She said, “Everyone was beautiful.”

Mini-Mustang Camile was dressed as a dinosaur and had a matching basket. He said that his favorite part about the parade was their costumes.

This event helped reinforce manners on the Mini-Mustangs as they were reminded to say “please” and “thank” you to those giving them candy.

When asked how he got so many treats, Mini-Mustang Ruben, dressed as a skeleton, answered, “All I had to do was say ‘please’.”

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The Mini-Mustangs were accompanied by older Mustangs the entire time. Every Mini-Mustang was assigned a student to hold hands with when walking around the courtyard, ensuring their safety.

This event was enjoyable to both the class of Mini-Mustangs and everyone who shared treats and a Halloween spirit.