Heyden Kudelko – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Fantasy Football is sweeping across LRHS.

With the National Football League (NFL) starting up, fantasy football is in full swing for many Mustangs.

Fantasy football is a way for sports fans to measure who the best players are, and to compete against friends with made-up teams.

Many students at LRHS have already started their fantasy leagues, and things are already getting competitive among friends.

Points are given to players based on their performances on Thursday, Sunday, or Monday NFL games. Players get chosen by users in a draft with the goal being to draft the best team.

What makes things interesting is the management aspect of fantasy. If one of your players goes down with an injury or gets suspended, you’ll have to find a replacement, because some points are better than none.

Junior Conall Fisher said, “Fantasy makes watching football more interesting.”

Junior Justin Baltes said, “When your team wins on Sundays, and you win on fantasy it makes the weekend so much better.”

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Some tips for newer fantasy players is to draft a Running Back (RB) in the first round. You’ll want to prioritize RB’s as they can rack up insane amounts of fantasy points.

Another tip would be to pay attention to your team constantly, because if someone gets injured right before a game you could get locked out of switching them out and get no points.

The Fantasy Football experience gives fans the experience to manage a team and to have funs with your friends.