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The LRHS cafeteria serves in numerous ways

Nadia Gandhi and Sydney Oostendorp – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS cafeteria offers students a lot more than lunch these days…and plans to offer more in the future. 

Each morning from 7 -7:25 a.m., Mustangs can get a free breakfast from the cafeteria. They can choose between a hot option and a cold option.

Cafeteria manager Amanda Farrelly said, “Providing breakfast for students gives them energy for the day and helps curve their appetite.”

The hot option consists of scrambled eggs and an English muffin. The cold option consists of donuts, banana bread, and croissants.

Some student athletes have morning sports and are unable to eat breakfast from home. The lunchroom provides various options for these students.

The cafeteria also provides snacks for students involved in after-school activities as long as they have written notice from coaches or club advisers. 

These students are provided with muffins, milk, protein bars, and other nutritious foods throughout the day.

“These snacks help benefit students who have to stay before or after school,” Farrelly added.

While lunch is available to students, if students exceed a $5 debt, they are limited to a particular lunch plan. They can get the second listed meal which includes yogurt parfaits, salads, and wraps.

Meanwhile, the LRHS salad bar is coming back after being gone for almost three years.

This was taken away at the peak of Covid in 2020 and will return this school year.

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Mustangs can expect an arrangement of different greens and toppings which may include olives, corn, cheese, tomatoes, carrots, and many more.

There will also be an option of adding up to two different protein options which consist of chicken, eggs, ham, and turkey.

Students will be able to choose what they want on their salad but will be served by the lunch ladies.

Students who are part of an after-school sport or club may be provided with snacks after school as well.