Photo: Alyssa Gonzalez
LRHS Testing Coordinator Jeffrey Simmons organizes papers

Savannah Adams – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (NCR-SAT) will be taken by Mustangs on Wednesday in the media center.

The PSAT will be taken by all sophomores as well as select freshmen and juniors.

The NCR-SAT is available only to seniors.

The tests will be given in the Media Center, the gymnasium, the dance room, and 25 classrooms.

LRHS Testing Coordinator Jeffrey Simmons said, “It is an opportunity for 11th graders to gain entry into the National Merit Scholarship Program. For 10th graders and others, it is an opportunity for them to gain experience taking the SAT and they can also earn their math graduation requirement if it is still needed.”

Juniors who take the SAT through LRHS, which is not until a later date, are able to submit those scores to colleges.

However, the NCR-SAT, a senior only test, is taken only to fulfil graduation requirements and cannot be submitted to colleges.

Simmons said parents and teachers can help prepare their students for the test.

Simmons continued, “Being positive and encouraging is always a good thing. For parents, they can make sure their children get a good night’s sleep and a good meal in the morning.

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“For teachers, they can help cover for teachers that are proctoring, let students know where they are testing in advance so the test morning can get started earlier, and just help in any way possible. It will be a whole team effort on this day,” Simmons added.

He also listed things students should keep in mind while taking these tests.

“Make sure they have everything; a couple of #2 pencils and a calculator. Read the directions and questions carefully and try your best. All you can do is give your best effort,” explained Simmons.  

The testing forces a change in the Wednesday LRHS bell schedule –

  • 1st  7:30 – 8:19 
  • 2nd  8:24 – 9:12 
  • 3rd  9:17 – 10:05 
  • 4th  10:10 – 10:58 
  • 5th  11:03 – 11:51 
  • 6th  11:57- 1:32  A Lunch 11:57-12:27 
  •                             B Lunch 12:29-12:59 
  •                             C Lunch 1:02-1:32 
  • 7th  1:37-2:25