Samantha Montano – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – An exciting homecoming week demonstrated to many Mustangs the difficulty of balancing social activities with work.

From Sept. 12–16, the LRHS Student Government Association (SGA) celebrated homecoming by throwing after-school events and holding a spirit week.

A quick, informal social media poll of 41 Mustangs, 17 reported they would miss work for a school dance, 16 for a sports game, five for a club meeting and three for an event of performing arts.

However, many Mustangs found it difficult to participate in the fun when they had other commitments to honor such as athletics, work, and academics.

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Senior Jennifer Schillinger said, “If I had a theater performance, I would surely miss work for it. I put a lot of effort into prepping for a show, I’m not going to miss it.”

Many Mustangs believe that the social aspects of school events are good to indulge in occasionally, but work is an important part of their life that they cannot miss.

Junior Savannah Adams said, “I think going to work should be a priority above anything else. If I have a job, it’s because I decided to dedicate my time to fulfill it. I have managers and coworkers who depend on my responsibility, and I want them to think of me as reliable.”