Jacob Smith – Mustangs Ahead     

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – In-School-Suspension (ISS) is a distinct, uncomfortable class environment in LRHS.    

In ISS, Mustangs can do work such as homework, classwork, and missing work to pass the time.

ISS teacher Rosevelt Atkins said, “It has a study hall feel.”

Although it may feel like study hall, ISS is a punishment. What warrants this punishment is not following LRHS rules.

“Not following the rules and regulations of Lakewood Ranch High School sends you to ISS,” explained Atkins.

The goal of ISS is to teach Mustangs to learn the lessons you receive from your actions, which is supposed to give Mustangs a different perspective on the decisions they made.

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“I was put into ISS for going against the dress code. From experience, I do not plan on going back,” said junior Maddy Gatusso.

Being put into ISS multiple times can lead to multiple days of ISS, and worst, out of school suspension (OSS).

“I hope to never have a student in ISS,” continued Atkins.

ISS is located in portable 920 and has been taught by Coach Atkins for seven years.