Heyden Kudelko – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – A new take on a Disney classic fell short of audience expectations.

Walt Disney’s “Pinocchio,” made in the 1940s, is a classic animation that has stood the test of time and has been watched by many. The film has been rereleased into theaters seven times and for good reason.

But, like many Disney movies, a live action remake has been made and put on Disney’s streaming service Disney+. I think it’s safe to say, however, that this remake doesn’t hold up to the original at all.

The original “Pinocchio” movie (1940) is considered a significant milestone in animation and is heralded as one of Disney’s best. This remake, however, does nothing to rekindle the fire of the classic that came before it.

The computer-generated image (CGI) has a plastic feel that can’t compare to the fluid and vibrant animation of the 40’s version. Not to mention, this movie did not have to be made, as many were already content with the original

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The new version has the benefit of high-powered technology that the people of the 40’s could only dream about, and still does nothing to intrigue or add to the story.

Instead, Disney panders to making cheap and quick product to dump onto their streaming platform.

The worst offense this movie makes is the fact, that this may be a younger audiences first exposure to the story, and instead of viewing the 1940’s version, they’re more likely to watch the newer movie which has been plastered and hung up on strings all over Disney+.

This movie is unnecessary, and even Director Robert Zemeckis, a renowned name in Hollywood can’t give it an ounce of life. Like Pinocchio himself, this movie is only a hollow wooden puppet.