This article is a part of a four-part series highlighting the LRHS English Learner Language (ELL) program.

Angel Markoski – Mustangs Ahead 

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Teachers in the LRHS English Language Learners (ELL/ESOL) program is proud of their students, especially if they accomplish something big.  

ESOL teacher Avelina Besse shared times she was proud of her students.  

“I can think of two students last year who had just arrived as seniors from other countries. One of them spoke almost no English. When I told her that she passed the testing required for her to graduate, she cried with relief and happiness,” said Besse. 

Besse continued, “She is starting college this year and we are so proud of her. She worked hard, and she deserves her prize.” 

Teachers are important in society, especially when teachers offer support and help to their students in every way they can. ESOL teacher Dawn Haushalter loves being a teacher to ELL students.  

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“I really believe that I have the best, most unique students at this school. The stories that they have, the things they have been through, and their challenges and successes are amazing. They also take me to the places that they are from (figuratively) when they tell me these stories and differences in our cultures and there is nothing, I enjoy more than traveling,” said Haushalter.  

She continued, “With my students, I travel every day. There is nothing else I would rather do and no other student population for me. This is my niche and once I can become better at it and can tell more success stories, my joy will be unmatched.”