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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – This week LRHS is starting to implement the new Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (F.A.S.T.) by proctoring progress monitoring assessments to underclassmen.

These assessments are being started by Florida to begin the process of progress monitoring.  This takes the place of standardized tests such as the Florida Standards Assessments (FSA).

This week’s F.A.S.T. testing is the first round in a series, the second round occurs next semester. These tests are being proctored to every ninth and tenth grade Mustang Tuesday through Friday in the Media Center.

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The Florida Department of Education website states, “By switching to the F.A.S.T. plan, Florida will restore the ability for parents and teachers to have impactful conversations about students’ growth.”

Florida is the first state in the nation to commit to such tests. These tests are designed to reduce test taking time to put more time towards learning, as well as minimize test taking stress for students.

LRHS testing coordinator Jefferey Simmons advises teachers and parents, “We will be testing almost 1200 students in four days so please be patient and help get these students to their testing locations on their assessment days.”

Testing a big job for Simmons

Jeff Simmons is the LRHS testing coordinator

Bella Moscone – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – It’s no big secret that testing is a large part of the high school experience for students. It also makes a big job for the testing coordinators as well.

Coach Jeff Simmons is the LRHS test coordinator and is in charge of administering all district and state testing. His job is to set up the times the students test, and number of students who test at one time.

Simmons said “The district provides us with a yearly calendar. Within that is all benchmarks, state testing SATs, PSATs.

“We figure out how many kids are testing, figure out how many labs we’ll need. As well as finding the available windows students can test.” added Simmons.

The Florida Assessments of Student Thinking (FAST) testing for freshman and sophomores stated this week.

“I have four days to test 1,200 kids,” Simmons added.

Upcoming tests include Sept. 12-30 Florida Scholastic Assessment re-takes and Oct. 10 US History and Biology EOC benchmark tests.