Mini-Mustangs enjoy their days at LRHS

Sydney Oostendorp – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The LRHS Mini-Mustangs is an early childhood program offered at LRHS.

The program consists of 19 kids throughout the day and 12 kids who stay after school. This program allows Mustangs in the early childhood program to earn their Childhood Development Associate (CDA).

Early childhood head teacher Catherine Schutte said, “The Mini-Mustang program is a great opportunity for Mustangs. It allows students to have memorable experiences and earn their CDA while working with the kids.”

The Mini-Mustangs stay in their class and sometimes take trips around the school.

Mini-Mustang Alaina said, “My favorite part of the day is playing with the playdough and the rollers.”

Other than playing with playdough, the children also have the option to draw or play with toy cars and trains. The children do activities in the class that help them learn how to color in the lines and participate in small activities that are hung around the classroom.

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The kids are all 4-5 years old; some kids have siblings that go to LRHS, others have parents that work here, and a majority just go there for daycare.

The kids bring their lunches to school and their parents make a lot of fun and healthy choices for the children. Kaamil, another child in this program, says that he brings carrots and a sandwich for lunch and if he’s lucky there will be a pack of gummies in there.

These young kids say that when they are older, they would be excited to become students at the high school and participate in more activities at school.