Justin Baltes– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)– The College Board released the 2022 recipients of awards with the goal of representing underrepresented students with academic honors.

Mustangs are being recognized in these categories – National African American Recognition Award (NAARA), National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA), National Rural and Small-Town Award (NRSTA), National Indigenous Award (NIA).

The following Mustangs received recognition-

  • Abigail Newton: NRSTA
  • Ahmed Osman: NAARA
  • Alexander Martinez: NHRA, NRSTA
  • Alyssa Bhakeram: NRSTA
  • Alyssa Soderberg: NRSTA
  • Angel Potter: NRSTA
  • Ava Maria Ipjian: NRSTA
  • Britlee Yant: NRSTA
  • Caroline Spiegel: NRSTA
  • Chase Borcsane: NRSTA
  • Connor Henning: NRSTA
  • Cooper Buttari: NHRA, NRSTA
  • Dakota Holler: NRSTA
  • Evelyn Sanchez: NHRA
  • Hoang Pham: NRSTA
  • Isabel Divinagracia: NRSTA
  • Joyce Gad: NRSTA
  • Kaitlyn Case: NRSTA
  • Kate Tuchman: NRSTA
  • Kathleen Cravens: NRSTA
  • Kyler Hollingshead: NRSTA
  • Lilly Lynch: NIA
    Liz Santana: NHRA
  • Macy Schenck: NRSTA
  • Madelyn Hotaling: NRSTA
  • Mateo Graber: NHRA
  • Mudathir Osman: NAARA
  • Naika Dumorne: NAARA
  • Norman Smith: NRSTA
  • Olivia Heim: NRSTA
    Ryan Cusick: NRSTA
  • Sara Huszar: NRSTA
  • Shelby Mcgrew: NRSTA
  • Tamlyn Leatt: NRSTA
  • Taryn Eddy: NRSTA
  • Tiffany Mccoy: NRSTA

Students must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher and have excelled on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT), the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT), the PSAT 10, or earned a score of three or higher on two or more Advanced Placement (AP) exams.

Students eligible for the scholarship must be African American or Black, Hispanic American or Latinx, Indigenous, and/or attend school in a rural area or small town.

The College Board website points out this is not a scholarship, but “students can include this academic honor in their college and scholarship applications.”

Senior Kaitlyn Case and junior Joyce Gad both won the NRSTA award.

Gad said, “I hope that the honor of the award will help distinguish me from the many other students applying to college.”

Case said, “I am really surprised that I won. I am glad that my work in AP classes has paid off.”

Mustangs with questions about the award can call 855-283-3815 or email info@nationalrecognitionprogram.org.