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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Many Mustangs have at some point asked the question, “What would it be like to have my parent as a teacher?” 

Maggie Sugalski – My mom’s a math teacher, but I’m bad at math. The expectations of being a teacher’s kid can be a lot, but we also have some perks.

Jessica Kobetitsch – Being the child of a teacher means that your parent will always have eyes on you, especially at school. Also, the standards for grades are a lot higher than the average kid.

My own mom teaches English, which is one of my best subjects, but I’d like to lend some of that credit to her. Even at home, my mom would make sure that I always used higher vocabulary and proper grammar. It was difficult at times but has only helped me in the long run.

Sugalski – My mom’s a high-level math teacher so whenever I need help with homework, she’s always there to help me. Although she’s always around in school and with my teachers, which makes it impossible to get away with anything. 

One of the weirder experiences is having her friends as teachers. I have seen them outside of school more than at school. Oftentimes I will have to catch myself because I’ve become so naturally accustomed to calling them by their first names.

Kobetitsch – On the other hand, there are definitely some perks to having a parent working at the school. For example, I am able to get my schedule a bit sooner than other students. Plus, every once in a while, my mom can leave campus to get me lunch – like Chick-fil-A.

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Overall, I would say that my experience as a teacher kid isn’t different from that of an average student. Although I really don’t have anything to compare it to, as having my mom be a teacher is all I have ever known.

Jessica’s mother, English teacher Stephanie Kobetitsch, said, “I enjoy having my children with me at school… I love getting to see them on campus everyday.”

Maggie’s mom, math teacher Megan Sugalski, said, “I like having my kids here because I can keep an eye on them. That’s probably why they don’t like it, but I like it.”