Ethan Kranert – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS esports team will begin their 2022-2023 season this fall.

The season will start in September with officer elections being held before then.

At the meeting, LRHS esports coach and reading teacher Kari Keech-Babcock will answer questions for the members.

The team will decide between competition organizations like Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) and PlayVS to determine the games that they will play.

They can have Rocket League and Super Smash Bros in both.  The LRHS esports team has competed in both games over the past two years.

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Sophomore Kaylie Adams and senior Mark Tarver have both been in the program for two years.

Tarver said, “The people in the club definitely made the experience good for me.”

Adams said, “I like playing video games, so being on the esports team works well for me. I’ve played Rocket League for my past two years of esports, and while I am nowhere near the best, I am always improving and having fun.”

Kari Keech-Babcock can be contacted at extension 32020, or in her room 922 before or after school.