Emma Braunstein-Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH FL) – As the school year is coming to an end LRHS seniors off to the next chapter of their lives. Juniors are now preparing for their senior year.

“I feel sad and relieved about leaving Lakewood and my senior year however I am ready to take the next step of my life joining the military. I hope the next senior class has the same benefits and opportunity as the class of 2022,” senior Arianna Agront said.

Juniors have already started to think ahead some are already applying to the college of their choice, taking prep tests like their Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and American College Test (ACT). And of course, they look forward to all the perks of being a senior at LRHS.

Senior Reva Gandhi offered some advice to the incoming seniors on how to be able to breeze through senior year.

“Don’t procrastinate on college applications, try to focus on yourself and how you can improve overall. Most importantly do not give up even when it gets hard,” she said.

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Junior Josefina Rzadczynski stated, “I am ready to get all the rewards and hardships of senior year, but it also makes me realize how quickly the years have passed, it’s crazy to me that I’m going be a senior I remember like yesterday I was an incoming freshman.“

Some juniors feel more prepared than others.

 “I can’t even think about me being a senior,” said Lilly Larue.  “It’s just going to add onto my list of things to worry, right now I’m just taking things one day at a time and trying to first focus on exam week. Once that passes, I am looking forward to being a senior. “

Logan Youth stated, “Right now I’m focusing on what I am going to do over the summer, but I am starting to look at college applications and visiting a few universities to really be able to able to make the best decision for me. Once I have planned out my senior year is going to be great.”  

Katie Foley said, “I’m starting to take more classes seriously for next year and just developing a new mind set on how I can get as much experience from my senior year. “